4710 Village Plaza Loop, Suite 100
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541-485-2223
Toll Free: 866-207-0740
Fax: 541-868-8389
Email: info@precisioncapital.net
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Precision Capital Lending Company of Eugene, Oregon | Your Private Money Source

About Us

Precision Capital is an Oregon company that provides borrowers the opportunity to obtain private loans for the purchase of all types of Oregon real estate.

We specialize not only in unconventional property types, but also unconventional scenarios and unique situations. Able to finance many properties and borrowers that traditional lenders are unwilling to work with, Precision Capital takes a common sense approach in loan approvals. We look at the whole picture, and Precision Capital is not restricted by traditional lenders rules, regulations and ratios. At Precision Capital common sense prevails!

Whether you're a potential borrower with a unique situation, or a Realtor or Loan Officer with a client in need of some creative solutions, we encourage you to explore our website. For further information contact us right now at (541) 485-2223, or toll free at (866) 207-0740, or email to loans@precisioncapital.net.

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