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What type of property does Precision Capital loan on?2018-07-24T19:15:05+00:00

Precision Capital loans on all types of properties including:
Primary Residence, Second Homes, Manufactured Homes, Residential Investment Properties, Single Family, Duplexes, Apartments, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Warehouses, Mixed-Use, Bare Land, Commercial Buildings, Motels, Churches

What type of down payment do I need?2018-07-19T22:53:59+00:00

Precision Capital provides financing for up to 70% of the property value. This would result in a 30% down payment.

What interest rate will I pay?2018-07-24T19:16:50+00:00

The interest rate varies depending on the property, the borrower’s entire financial picture and the investment climate at the time of the loan. Most Precision Capital loans are in the 9-14% range depending on the situation. To easily get a rate quote simply fill out the Loan Scenario form and we will get back to you promptly. Feel free to call us at (541) 485-2223, or toll free at (866) 207-0740, or email us at

Are there fees involved in getting a loan?2018-07-19T22:54:08+00:00

Precision Capital has origination fees and third party fees that are added onto each scenario.

Why would I obtain a loan from Precision Capital as opposed to a bank or traditional mortgage company?2018-07-19T22:50:39+00:00

Most borrowers of Precision Capital need a loan very quickly or the borrower or the property has a unique twist that traditional lenders will not consider. Precision Capital specializes in unique twists with common sense loan decisions.

Do I have to have perfect credit?2018-07-19T22:51:10+00:00

Precision Capital looks at the whole package, including the property value, the borrower’s credit and the ability to repay. With many loans we fund, the borrower has less than perfect credit, but there are other strengths in the loan scenario that make it a “make sense loan” for us to fund.

Who underwrites or approves the loan and what criteria do they use?2018-07-19T22:51:38+00:00

The loans are reviewed and approved locally in our office in Eugene, Oregon by our loan committee. Rather than strict ratios and guidelines, we look for loans that make sense for both the borrower and the investor.

How long does the approval process take?2018-07-19T22:52:33+00:00

We can typically give written approval within two business days of receiving a completed application.

How quickly can you fund a loan?2018-07-19T22:53:04+00:00

We can typically close on a loan within 7 business days.

Can I talk to someone about my scenario without having to fill out a bunch of forms?2018-07-24T19:18:45+00:00

Sure, call us at (541) 485-2223, or toll free at (866) 207-0740, or email us at