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Who Qualifies?

  • Borrowers that can make a down payment and interest-only payments
  • Borrowers with no tax lien
  • Borrowers that are purchasing for resale, rental and non-owner occupied
  • Borrowers that meet our flexible and easy underwriting criteria
  • If you have questions – contact us – We take a personal approach to every deal

All loans are for non-owner-occupied homes.

How Fast is Fast?

Speed matters! Precision Capital closes loans in an average of 23 days. However, if the information is provided promptly and completely we close loans in as little as 72 hours. Contact us for a time quote on your loan.

How Much?

Precision Capital interest rates are higher than traditional lending rates- we don’t do traditional lending. Rates vary depending on the loan type, the loan to value and the borrowers financial picture. Typically, rates run from 11-14% with no prepayment penalties, to allow for easy sale or refinance. The loan term can be as short as one year and as long as seven years.
Most borrowers find Precision is a short-term solution to a long-term goal, allowing them to refinance or sell the property long term.