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Precision Capital Lending Company of Eugene, Oregon | Your Private Money Source


Precision Capital is a Realtor's dream. With the ability to fund unique loans for unique borrowers and properties, Precision Capital can help get transactions closed.

Give all your listings the ability to have "Owner financing". While most owners are not in the position to carry financing, with Precision Capital you can attract more buyers for that unique property that may not qualify for regular bank financing. By adding "Owner Carry" as a financing term in your listing, you will increase the buyer pool. It is also a great way to take that "cash only" listing and open it to many buyers that don't have all cash.

Open the door to all the listings to those buyers that need "Owner financing". With Precision Capital you are able to take that buyer who needs owner financing because of less than perfect credit, or a past short sale, and help them obtain private financing.

Great for your investor buyers! With today's tight conventional lending standards, many investors are sitting on the sidelines missing some great values. Utilizing Precision Capital's common sense loan decisions and underwriting, you can get your investors investing again.

Quick approvals. Precision Capital can make a loan decision within two business days of a completed application.

Quick closings. Precision Capital can close a loan within four business days of a completed file.

Common sense. At Precision Capital our loan decisions are based on common sense, not just ratios and rules. While many conventional lenders have to comply with red tape, as a local private money lender, common sense prevails.

For FAQ's on our loan process click here.

If you have a scenario you would like pre-approved, call us at (541) 485-2223, or toll free at (866) 207-0740, or email us, or submit our scenario form.

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